Wires and Branches of Carbon Steel and Low Alloy

The products in this category are used for welding simple carbon steels (SG) and welding low alloy steels (80S-120S).

  • Welding wire or welding branch ER70S-3 is used in both single-pass and multiple-pass modes and is used for welding killed, half-killed and homogenized steels. Due to the relatively strong oxidizing properties of this product, welding of most steels with greasy and dirty surfaces is also possible.
  • Welding wire or welding branch ER70S-6 is widely used for welding in single-pass and multi-pass modes of thin steel sheets and structural steel structures with CO2 gas.
  • Welding wire or welding branch ER70S-7 has almost the same application as its family products and if you need welding at higher speeds, this product is used.\
  • Welding wires or branches ER80S to ER120S are used for welding low alloy steels. These products have different properties due to the small amounts of different alloying elements.
  • Welding wire or welding branch ER80S-B2 is very suitable for welding low alloy steels that work at high temperatures and corrosive environments due to its chromium and molybdenum elements.
  • Welding wires or branches of ER80S-Ni1 and ER80S-Ni2 have high toughness due to the presence of nickel and are used for welding impact-resistant steels. These products maintain their toughness at low temperatures so that the ER80S-Ni1 and ER80S-Ni2 are capable of withstanding impacts at sub-zero temperatures (-46 ° C and -62 ° C, respectively).
  • Welding wires or branches of ER100S to ER120S cause the formation of high-strength weld metal and extraordinary impact resistance even at -51 ° C and can be used in the welding of the military steels (HY80 and HY100). These products are also suitable for welding most high strength steels up to 100 KSI (690MPa).

Applications of Wires and Branches of Carbon Steel and Low Alloy:

Boilers, pressure vessels, oil and petrochemicals, steel structures, agricultural equipment manufacturing, manufacturing industries and general engineering applications.