Wires and Branches of Aluminum-base Alloy

The products of this group have the same composition and application as the aluminum base electrodes, with the difference that the products of this group have no coating and shielding gas is used to protect against welding. The main alloying element in the 5XXX group is magnesium. This group of alloys has moderate strength, but their strength increases due to strain.

In addition to this feature, the corrosion resistance of these alloys is so high that they are completely resistant even in brackish water and therefore have wide applications in shipbuilding and marine-related industries. Another interesting property in this group is the ability to maintain toughness at low temperatures (close to absolute zero).

Products related to this group (ER5183 and ER5356) are also used in a variety of welding methods and are widely used in the construction industry, construction, large and movable stairs, storage tanks, and storage tanks.

One of the most widely used products for aluminum welding is ER4043, which is known as a versatile filler alloy. Silicon contained in ER4043 and ER4047 increases wettability.