About Us

Short about Aliyazh Joush Parseh Co. (AJP)

Our company, as the exclusive representative of “Superon India” in Iran, started its activity in 2016 with several projects and successful cooperation, and now, relying on its past successful experiences is ready to cooperate with oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, tanks, automobiles, railway and other national industries of Iran.

Relying on experience, knowledge, and following international standards, the company, as one of the largest importers of welding equipment and electrodes has reassured reputable domestic consumers and customers; thanks to the recent years’ successful experiences in this field, the company has been converted to one of the most successful suppliers of equipment and welding consumables.

Our Goal

As its duty, Aliyazh Joush Parseh (AJP) Trading Company tries to understand the expectations, needs and wants of customers, including the quality of products and services, the optimal price, and timing in supplying the products, in order to further improve.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Relying on the past successful experiences, utilizing up-to-date knowledge and planning to implement development projects, the company intends to increase its share in Iran’s competitive market.